Success Stories

What our parents didn’t know

Adrian & Katie Ducker
New South Wales
LP Gas Fitter & Child Care Worker
Property Mentors: originally Maurice & Lorraine Godfrey. Adrian & Katie are now Property Mentors.

Hello. Allow us to share our Property Club journey with you. We are a family of four with two young children living in NSW. I’ve (Adrian) been employed in the Government sector and my wife Kate is a child care worker. On average incomes and with the assistance of Property Club, we have now accumulated nine properties.

We realised that the Government wasn’t going to provide the lifestyle we wished for our family and we weren’t prepared to work until the age of 60. My father had indirectly planted the seed into my head when he suggested we purchase the block of land next to him. At the age of 22, I was young and not interested in investing in property. If only I had started back then. As my parents were from the school of thought, debt is bad, I was reluctant to tell them of our investment properties until I was comfortable enough to show the great growth we had achieved five years on.

We became Club members in 1999. After numerous workshops we finally purchased our first Club investment property in 2000. Initially, we could not understand how we were going to retire if we never sold. Before we became Property Club members, I was approached by another company who ended up being a two tier marketer. They flew us to Queensland, showed us properties and by the end of the day, pressured us into purchasing one, with their solicitor in the next room ready to finalise the deal. Fortunately we declined and weren’t reimbursed our flights as promised if we purchased. Thankfully we were only out of pocket $500 instead of potentially thousands of dollars.

So we were sceptical as one would be and were quite hesitant when we were invited to attend our first TIC/Property Club workshop. I threw many curly questions to the Property Club presenter and they always responded with a logical answer. Even after we purchased our first Club property, we were still a little hesitant about whether we had done the right thing and were always looking for the catch.

When we first purchased in 2000, we had the capacity to purchase two properties so we flew up to inspect properties with David Cross, who was our tour guide. The first property was great, but the second to all of our amazement was a block of dirt. GST was introduced and the Club told us they would absorb any additional costs incurred from GST. Valued at $170k and $180k in 2000, these properties are now valued at $400k each and returning 11.2%.

Two years later, property number 3 for $152k, current value $300k with a return of 11.5%. The next year, we bought two retirement units with returns of 12%. While there was no significant capital growth, the returns were extremely good as we were cash flow poor. In the following years, we purchased property which at the time had little growth. They have recently shown signs of growth as we purchased with the knowledge of what infrastructure was in the pipeline from the Property Profile. We continue to build our property portfolio with our recent January 2014 Darwin acquisition.

Before we were introduced to Club Loans Mortgage Professionals, we dealt with the one bank. This was a big mistake as they sold us a product and cross-secured all of our first four investments leaving our hands tied to move on. After uncrossing security and around $3,500 later, we were able to move forward with the assistance of Club Loans Mortgage Professionals.

From the Club knowledge we have accumulated, we now know it is imperative to set finance correctly from the word go. With our Club Broker, we have been able to finance our dream home of $1m. We could not have achieved this without Property Club’s help – we had already setup our Line of Credit (LOC) for retirement, and without it, we could not have afforded the deposit. We used the LOC and repaid it back after the loan was approved.

To fast track our retirement, we have temporarily moved out of our “bad debt” dream home and temporarily converted to a “good debt” investment property. This has enabled us to increase cash flow taking us from around $20k in holding costs, to a claimable investment and reduced holding costs to $8k.

We began investing at the age of 34 and with the guidance of Property Club’s powerful FIDO program we anticipate our retirement age of 49. If we knew back then what we know now, we could be in retirement right now.

What we are doing is buying time and using property as a vehicle to become financially independent with the support of Property Club.