Success Stories

Purchased three more properties in one month

Bronwen & Michael Roberts
Adelaide, SA
Nurse & Teacher
Property Mentor: Shane O’Connell

Hi Kevin and Kathy,

Bronwen and I would just like to say a huge Thank You to Property Club for the work that you and your team did in presenting the 2013 National Conference. As we may have told you, it was the first national one we have been to but definitely won’t be the last.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had one of the most memorable weekends we’ve ever had. Aside from the obvious benefits of learning more about the current property market situation, picking up lots of great information and tips and listening to some terrific guest speakers, it was so nice to be able to meet and discuss some of the finer points with branch managers, researchers, superannuation, insurance and travel people, get to know Shane O’Connell (our property mentor) better and of course chat with the two of you. It seemed to be very easy to fit in with other like-minded property people who were interested in sharing and learning from each other while having plenty of laughs along the way.

While Pat Farmer is certainly an amazing inspiration to us all, for me Kevin, your confidence and expertise in what you know and do, the way you are so generous and accessible in helping those who really want to improve their future prospects, and your warm, larrikin-like sense of humour and spirit are even more of an inspiration.

Bronwen and I worked really hard renovating and sprucing up four older properties in Adelaide from 1998 – 2006 and built ourselves a good equity base but we really needed something to turbo charge our position. I strongly feel that TIC has been the exact answer to what we needed, especially making the task of buying the right property interstate as easy as it’s ever going to get.

We were pretty shocked by the amount the banks were prepared to lend us and despite what it might look like, didn’t want to get too carried away with buying. However, we feel the three recent Club properties we are hoping to purchase are of a high quality and will really help us get to another level.

Once again, many thanks to you both. From my personal perspective, I’m a secondary teacher and working full time for 27 years is starting to wear me down. My investment property business is very important to my feelings of self worth, the hope that it gives to me and the realistic financial avenue it provides to one day be able to ease off teaching and slowly go part-time in order to enjoy life a bit more … and be able to pursue creative passions like writing, cartooning and music… and possibly help others get there themselves.

Best wishes
Michael Roberts