Success Stories

Patience Pays Off!

Brad Garland
Property Mentors: Sue Todd

I first joined the Property Club at 21 and although I liked what they had to say about investing I had only been working for 2 years and I didn’t have any savings, own a house already or have parentsBrad_Garland who could help get me started so I couldn’t pursue it any further at the time. But the ideas they presented stuck with me and 3 years later when I’d saved enough for a deposit I got in contact with the Property Club again. After a lot of discussions with friends and my Property Mentor I decided to purchase a 2 bedroom townhouse in Acacia Ridge for $126,000 in 2002.
That was 14 years ago and my partner and I have gone on to purchase 7 more properties now worth $3.9m including a lovely apartment we live in, in the Sydney CBD.
My property mentor Sue Todd and the Property Club have been instrumental in helping us to achieve this outcome. From their insightful portfolio management advice down to tips on individual lines of a Management Agreement. From accumulation strategies to retirement plans (which we hope to make use of soon) their advice is second to none.
I am sincerely grateful to Sue for going above and beyond to help me and I highly recommend the Property Club to people who have a desire to secure their future through property. Wherever you are in your property journey, you’re not alone in the Club.

Brad Garland