Success Stories

Learning through others reaps benefits

Elisa & Les Buckle
Project Management Specialist & Personal Carer
Property Mentors: Roger Galway

We own 10 properties, including five that we bought through the Property Club since 2000. In the last 14 years we have experienced solid financial assistance through the Club Brokers and have been very happy with our current bank who is adaptable and offered their increasingly generous rates with our growing portfolio. We love the rental assistance Property Club offers when it sends out keys to multiple Rental Property Management companies to find good quality tenants which we approve very quickly without any regret.
But the greatest strength of the Property Club isn’t just the handy services it offers to make property investment smarter and easier, it is the property investors themselves. Over the years we have attended countless national and state conferences, skilled workshops, dinners and other functions where we have met ordinary people living ordinary lives, but also owning properties and looking forward to getting their next one. These people are not the CEOs and Senior Executives of multinational companies – they are just investors wise enough to keep learning and courageous enough to begin following their dreams. Together, we all swap stories and share tips and always we learn from this shared experience, humble in thinking “thank goodness we started”.

Property Club is much bigger than its founder Kevin Young or Mark, Bob, Troy & Roger, our Property Mentors over the years. Its strength is in talking to the thousands of members and helping us refine our property investment strategies as we go. We have quite a few more members to meet yet, but we do know we are able to retire in the next couple of years on an annual income higher than our present salaries. Hooray for a life changing decision we made in 2000 and thank you to all involved in Property Club and our investment journey.