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Property Tip #22

Do be engaged with the body corporate where appropriate, to be involved and direct maintenance and improvements as required.

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Di Enright and Chris Ierssel

Di Enright and Chris Ierssel

Di Enright and Chris Ierssel started their property investment journey in 2016 and have not looked back since. Living in Eight Mile Plains, their portfolio spreads from Darwin to Melbourne, with further purchases on the horizon.

Growing up on a farm, Di learned how to milk cows, ride horses and drive tractors. Now a city slicker, she works as a nurse, dedicating her career to community work and heading a team of aged health-care professionals.

She has been with Chris—who is self-employed in the automotive technology industry—for 11 years. They love to go camping when they can and spend as much time with family and friends as possible. The couple also loves to travel to places such as the US, Vietnam, Hungary, Italy, Hong Kong and the Greek Isles.

Di and Chris’ journey into property investment started with a signpost.

“I had heard about Property Club from a friend,” Di explains.

“I drove past the sign outside the Club’s head office at Eight Mile Plains every day on the way to work, and eventually I just started researching on their website and went to an information evening.”

Di convinced Chris to join her at their first Property Club conference to learn more about property investment and how it might benefit them. Their first purchase came in May 2016—a townhouse in Zuccoli, Darwin. Soon after this they set up a SMSF and purchased a Southport unit in January 2018. More doorways opened up and they further invested in a Melbourne unit in September 2018. The couple is currently in the process of purchasing their fourth investment property through the Club.

Di explains that jointly investing with Chris through Property Club has helped her find her feet.

“Our journey has been so much better than I originally thought as I would not have considered setting up the SMSF on my own,” she says.

“Property Club supported me throughout the process, and having the contacts for accountants and legal advice, as well as support from mentors, branch managers and friends, has been outstanding.”

Di and Chris’ first impressions of the Club were very welcoming, offering a solid base of knowledge for those starting out in property investment and needing support in deciding which way to go.

“[The Club was] very welcoming, very helpful and provided advice and support whenever we asked for it. They genuinely want you to benefit, and it’s reassuring when everyone you talk to is following the same strategy you are,” Di says.

Di measures success on the ability to choose, and investing with Property Club has allowed her to do this. She has met many investors within the Club who have given support and advice on structuring investments and loans.

“We have had a few hiccups along the way, but our PMs have always been just an email or phone call away,” Di explains.

“Our rental guarantee has been utilised and is a benefit we would not have had if we invested on our own. We had a slight incident at the Melbourne property with the fire sprinkler system and required body corporate

funds, which was unexpected. However, we worked with our PMs to understand the situation. We have met so many people at workshops and the conference, from friends to developers and other members, who are

all welcoming and keen to share any knowledge they have. Everyone wants you to do well.”

When she’s not thinking about properties, Di is busy training, as she loves to compete in dragon boating. She has previously raced dragon boats for Australia and has tried her hand at state, national and international levels with her club, the Manly Dragons.

Meanwhile, Chris spends his free time in the shed. His ability to construct and create engines has fuelled into competitive off-road racing and four-wheel driving, with his pride and joy being a competitive truck built especially for it.

Together, they share a love of their four children and four grandkids, and love nothing better than getting everyone around the dinner table for food and laughter whenever possible.

The most rewarding aspect of their current journey is the confidence that comes with investment. Retirement can be a shaky view in this day and age, but Di and Chris are now assured their future is secure. The couple wants to further their investment reach and purchase another three to five houses in the near future.

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