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Do be engaged with the body corporate where appropriate, to be involved and direct maintenance and improvements as required.

Amanda Walters

Amanda Walters

In 2003, Amanda Walters's life took a transformative turn when she and her husband stumbled upon a Property Club workshop advertised in their local newspaper. Little did they know, this moment would mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey towards financial independence through property investment.

Filled with enthusiasm and armed with newfound knowledge from the workshop, Amanda dove headfirst into the world of property investment. Their first purchase, an off-plan house in Jimboomba in 2004, laid the foundation for a series of strategic investments that would shape their financial future.

With determination and a clear strategy in mind, Amanda, a nurse, and her husband, a chef, utilised a single income to rapidly pay off their own home, unlocking the equity needed to expand their investment portfolio. While juggling careers and raising twins, they achieved the remarkable feat of mortgage-free homeownership within 18 months.

Despite facing personal challenges and the breakdown of her marriage in 2008, Amanda persevered in her property investment journey. Through dedication and resilience, she navigated unexpected obstacles, such as fluctuating property values and unforeseen costs, always learning and adapting along the way.

By 2017, Amanda had accumulated over $1,000,000 in equity through her investment properties, a testament to her unwavering commitment and strategic approach. She credits Property Club for providing invaluable guidance and support throughout her journey, enabling her to overcome obstacles and achieve her financial goals.

Looking ahead, Amanda plans to pass on her knowledge and experience to her sons, encouraging them to follow in her footsteps and become members of Property Club. Her story serves as a testament to the power of determination, perseverance, and strategic planning in achieving financial success through property investment.

Amanda's journey stands as a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere, demonstrating that with passion, resilience, and the right support, any dream is within reach. On this International Women's Day, her story reminds us of the boundless potential and strength of women in shaping their own destinies.

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