Success Stories

A Nurse’s Work is Never Done

Deb & Kevin Morgan
New South Wales
Branch Manager: Carolyn Przial

When nursing extends from health care to wealth care!

For many years now, the Przial Branch in NSW have worked with many nurses, assisting them with investment choices and information to help the investing process run more smoothly.

A nurse’s time is often limited, and while looking after others, they often neglect their own financial future.

Deb Morgan (Russell), a Property Mentor in the Przial Branch, has worked in a large teaching hospital in the Western suburbs of Sydney for over 35 years. Through her acquaintances, she has helped many along the pathway to wealth through property. Working shifts has its challenges, but Deb generally manages to meet colleagues outside work to talk about their dreams and aspirations and, importantly, how Property Club can help achieve these.

Deb will tell you of her initial ‘fear’ – fear of the unknown and the ‘what ifs?’ We all have these and Deb has overcome her fear to sit on a portfolio of five properties.

Deb is dedicated to helping others, not only at work but also with their financial future. Superannuation will only go so far, and now with Deb’s help, her colleagues can also have a more financially secure future.