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How to choose a good
Investment Property?

Investment-PropertyHow do you choose between the thousands of properties available for sale at any one time?

The property investment market is fraught with danger for the unwary property investor. Maybe you’ve heard investor horror stories and are too nervous to ever make that first step.

Paralysis by fear is a barrier to creating wealth. The best way to treat this is through knowledge – understanding what is a good investment and whether it’s right for you.

Take advantage of other investor’s experience, learn from their mistakes and how they’ve overcome them. Over the past 21 years, Property Club has become a large community of property investors with nearly 5000 members owning $1million portfolios. We’d love to help you too.

Avoid the Traps in Property Investing

When you join Property Club you’ll receive a free report “Top Ten Traps for Unwary Property Investors”. It helps our new members to understand the major pitfalls and, most importantly, how to prevent stumbling into them.Eighty percent of property investors in the wider Australian market only ever buy one property – because they buy the wrong property.
The traps are more extensive than you may realise, covering issues like:

  • Incorrect loan set-up and financing
  • Buying on the “hype” of short term demand (such as mining areas)
  • Choosing older, cheaper properties
  • Insufficient rental demand
  • Not knowing the true costs to hold a property long term
  • Being unaware of the drivers for property growth
  • …and many more…

Our experience gives us the foresight to weed out problem properties and find the best ones.

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What makes a good
investment property?

It takes both time and knowledge to research the property market and find quality rental property. Our Property Research Team specialise in researching areas, finding quality developments and assessing each property.

Only properties that pass our selection test are recommended to Club members.

Our Property Researchers are trained to seek out areas around Australia that are poised for capital growth. Within those areas they look for all the signs that indicate expansion of the local economy, infrastructure development, employment, transport and population growth.

We concentrate on finding quality residential properties within these areas that meet Property Club’s selection criteria – a strategy that has already proved beneficial to thousands of Club investors.

Our Researchers have established relationships with builders and developers who have proven to deliver top quality product. By the sheer power of numbers, our investors enjoy the benefit of this relationship – quality buildings with additional features, after-sales support and often special discounts for members.

We look beyond the property itself and focus on the drivers of rental demand in the local area. Employment sources, transportation and amenities of the local area along with planned developments that might affect demand are reviewed for each property. Verifying the rents is a key component to justify that the property is affordable to hold.

and much, much more…

Do your research to find the best property

A Real Estate agent has a legal obligation to sell property at the highest price possible for their client. They will highlight all the positive features – but may miss a lot of the important details you need to know as an investor!

On the other hand, Property Club has the interest of the buyer at heart – our members.

Our Property Researchers find all the details for you. Everything you need to know to make an informed decision is documented into a detailed report – a Property Profile.

The Club’s bargaining strength with developers is through volume sales. At any time we have hundreds of educated and finance ready investors looking to buy, so we can secure better deals for our members.

Careful Selection– maximising the potential of every investment

Every single property is evaluated against Property Club’s strict selection criteria before being listed for our members. It’s an exhaustive list, but some of the key criteria are:

  • in an area with potential high mid-to-long term capital growth
  • in an area of high population growth and growing employment opportunities
  • close to schools, shops and public transport
  • new or near new to allow maximum depreciation and better taxation savings
  • high quality in terms of design, materials and construction with minimal maintenance
  • in an area with a sound, long term rental history and good demand from quality tenants
  • rental return of close to 5% or higher

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