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We protect your interests as a new landlord.
Property Club provides additional support to Club investors before and after their property settlement. Our long experience in the property market gives us the knowledge to look after your new investment through our Inspections and Leasing departments.

Club Inspections –
An extra line of defence for purchasers

Property Club’s Inspections Department carries out a free quality control inspection service on all new, untenanted properties purchased by members Australia-wide.
A thorough inspection ensures the properties are complete, free of evident defects and checked against all items listed in the Club Property Profile to note they’ve been included.
A professional report, along with associated photos, is sent to the builder to have any defects rectified prior to settlement. A copy is also sent to the purchaser to keep them updated with the purchasing process.
We have inspectors throughout Australia who are fully trained to ensure the standards of Property Club are maintained. Purchasers can be confident in knowing their property is free of defects at the time of settlement.
Our standard inspection is a quality control inspection to safeguard that the property is free of any visible defects and typically includes the following areas:

  • Interior and exterior of the property.
  • Comment (if necessary) on any areas that may be a concern in the future.
  • Check that all items listed in the property’s profile are installed.
  • Question builder on item validity if anything is of concern.
  • Check all work is carried out in a tradesmenlike manner.

If you are purchasing a second hand property, we can direct you to a Club preferred Building and Pest Control Inspector (charges apply).
Property Club expects a high standard from the builders and vendors we deal with, and they’ll quickly attend to any defects our Inspections Department find. We endeavour to protect our Members wherever possible so they’ll enjoy a hassle-free investment.

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