PMC Postcard | Spain - Portugal - Morocco

PMC Postcard | Portugal

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Hi PMC Members,

As we continue our exciting journey we now arrive in Portugal.

The Douro Valley could easily be called the enchanted valley; such is the beauty and magic that its landscapes offer. We got to know this cultural landscape, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not only by road but also train, cruise boat and jeep!

Our accommodation was at the Quinta Nova Winey hotel. It was the first wine house hotel in Portugal with a renovated nineteenth century manor house that offered 11 wonderful rooms with a panoramic view of the vineyard and river, all decorated according to the period style, with the maximum comfort of a family property.

Again our group had exclusive use of this wonderful hotel where we relaxed, cooled off in the pool or in the shade of the trees with a wine. Everyone enjoyed the tranquillity of the area that stretched with outstanding views over the vineyards that grew on every slope, no matter how steep the slopes were. The vines were planted vertically and horizontally.

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Wendy Zirins | PMC PResident