Permanent & Long-term Overseas Arrivals

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Do you know how many permanent and long-term overseas arrivals came to Australia in the past 12 months?

In April of this year, there were 57,590 permanent and long-term arrivals in Australia.

The annual number of permanent and long-term overseas arrivals was 843,950, down from the record high of 845,840 in March, but up by 5.5 per cent over the year.

In net terms (arrivals less departures) permanent and long-term overseas arrivals totalled 292,280 over the year to April.

Also good news through that there was 42,300 jobs created in May! The Bureau of Statistics figures show part-time employment increased by 39,800, while full-time employment only rose by 2,400.


Tale of two territories: NT nation’s weakest, ACT strongest

By region, the Northern Territory had the biggest fall in ads (-20.3 per cent), followed by New South Wales (-9.9 per cent) and Victoria (-7.5 per cent).

The ACT was the only state or territory that reported an increase in advertised vacancies (+12.9 per cent).

However, that increase in available jobs has not translated to higher salaries, with salaries for advertised jobs in the ACT up just 0.3 per cent over the past year, the lowest in the nation. Advertised wage increases were highest in Tasmania, at 5.8 per cent, although it remained the lowest-paid state with an average advertised salary of $78,324. New South Wales continued to have the highest paid workers, with average advertised salaries of $89,870, followed closely by the ACT.


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Troy Gunasekera | National Manager