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When you join Property Club you’ll have ongoing support from your own experienced Property Mentor. They’ll guide you through each step in the process, giving you peace of mind with each step that you take.

Your Property Mentor will help you find the right information, show you how to access the free member benefits, and how to invest safely to grow your wealth.

Use their wealth of experience to build your own property investment wealth

Your key to our support network

The nature of Property Club is to share knowledge and help others. Most of us start at the same point in our investing journey; cautious, nervous and afraid to make costly mistakes.
Property Club has about 200 Property Mentors throughout Australia and New Zealand. They’re ready and willing to help new and existing members to navigate the path to successful property investing – all at no cost for members.

What is a
Property Mentor?

Your Property Mentor is an experienced property investor – they’ve invested through Property Club. They know our recommended strategies and the best processes to acquire a quality portfolio. They’ll help you gain this knowledge too, ensuring that you feel comfortable with every decision you make.

Mentors lead by example, willing to share their own experience with members. Your Property Mentor knows the emotional issues investors face, as well as the financial ones. You will never feel pressured, just encouraged to join in and learn.

When you feel ready to invest, your Property Mentor will help you through the process of building your property portfolio.

Property Mentors receive extensive and ongoing training through their Branches to keep up-to-date on market trends, property opportunities, finance and operational issues. They are not financial advisors or sales reps – they are fellow investors who genuinely want to assist others. Their role is to guide you on your journey and help smooth out the wrinkles.

How will a Property Mentor help you?

Getting started

To begin with your Property Mentor will help you by:

  • inviting you to Information Workshops or webinars and other educational events
  • discussing your questions. If they don’t have answers, they’ll tap into our network to find out
  • helping you understand your ability to borrow funds for investing when you complete a Financial Wealth Check
  • getting to know you and your goals by meeting with you  in person, on Skype or by phone (depending on your location). It’s likely that your Property Mentor will live locally
  • guiding you on how to prepare your finances and liaising with Property Loans 4U  brokers,
  • helping you to prepare your own retirement plan using Property Club’s special Financial Independence Date Organiser (FIDO) software,
Preparing to invest

When you’re ready to invest, your Property Mentor can:

  • help you learn about property investment options available, provide information on the best locations and alert you to properties of interest;
  • give you access to our range of researched properties through our  Memberlink website
  • provide a cash-flow analysis for Club properties you are considering, using our analysis software
  • help you understand the cost to hold the property over the long term and the cash flows involved

“Although the paperwork was challenging, we had excellent support through the whole process from our Property Mentor, Lesley and our Club Mortgage Broker. We can’t thank them enough!” 

Leon Buran & Lea Wingent

Buying a property

When you’ve chosen a property, your Property Mentor will:

  • assist you to submit an Expression of Interest on a property you’ve assessed;
  • stay in touch during your purchase and provide you ongoing information as it progresses;
  • liaise with Property Club support network to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible;
  • arrange your own property inspection and area tour.
After settlement

Once you’ve settled your property purchase, your Property Mentor will:

  • liaise with our Club National Leasing department to find good tenants quickly;
  • guide you with any Rentsafe claim if your first tenancy takes longer than two weeks;
  • monitor the order for you Quantity Surveyor report;
  • advise you on your rental agent’s Management Agreement and how to protect yourself with the Club’s special conditions;
  • check that you’ve set up your cash flows for easy management;
  • recommend how to improve your cash flows by accessing tax rebates;
  • invite you to ongoing Club activities and social events;
  • encourage you to keep on learning.
Property Mentor Tools for

Understanding the numbers is a critical component of making an investment work.

Your Property Mentor is equipped with special software programs to help you “crunch the numbers”. As everyone’s situation is different, we also recommend you consult your own financial advisors. However, using the “assumptions” you provide, your Property Mentor can calculate:

  • Weekly cash flows on holding a specific investment property;
  • Tax Savings – money that you get back from the tax man, depending on your current taxable income;
  • Likely holding costs across multiple investment properties;
  • Forecast portfolio values based on your estimated growth rates;
  • Loan and equity estimates as your portfolio grows in value over time;
  • How to retire using the increased wealth in your property portfolio.


Your Property Mentor is your main point of contact with Property Club. They’re always happy to hear from you and help you on your journey.

No other club in the world has the wealth of investment knowledge that Property Club has accumulated – and offers freely to members.

Start building your investment wealth by joining Property Club now.

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