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Buying any rental property is not good investing. There are so many pitfalls in property investing that many people never take the first step due to fear of the unknown.

For over 21 years, Property Club has shown everyday people how to make financial security a reality. Take control of your future using our tried and tested property investment strategies to propel your wealth creation forwards.

Finding the right property is made easy by our Property Research team – they know the key principles that make a good investment (and what to avoid) and they’ll source the properties for you.

How Investment Property can build your wealth

Learn how to create wealth simply by becoming a member of Property Club. It’s free.
When you join Property Club you’ll have access to a complete range of educational and support resources to help you reach your goals.
As you learn about the power of property to build wealth, you’ll see how Property Club strategies could change your life.

Capital Growth:

Australia offers one of the most solid property investment markets in the world. Our increasing population offers excellent prospects for growth – a key ingredient in expanding your wealth through property. Property Club monitors the areas that promise the best capital growth, and avoids those that don’t.

Lending & Leverage:

Borrowing money is a necessary component for property investing. We can show you how to borrow wisely and use finance effectively to leverage into a growing property portfolio. Find out more about Property Finance

A Super alternative:

It’s a sad fact that superannuation will not support most people comfortably in their retirement. Through Property Club you’ll discover how you could retire much earlier using property to complement your Super savings.

Information Workshops:

Free information workshops are held regularly around Australia, both in major centres and regional areas. You’ll meet Property Mentors and other club investors who’ll openly share their investing stories.

Choose the right

Not every property on the market makes a good investment. That’s why Property Club has a strict selection process in finding the best possible investment properties for our members.

Our Club Researchers seek out areas that promise long term capital growth. They know how to drill down to find promising locations and quality rental property in those areas. Find out more about our property research

Each property is carefully analysed before it’s considered suitable for our members. Most people wouldn’t even think to look at the issues that our Researchers do. Every detail is scrutinised and documented in a Property Profile (for those that pass the test) and added to our stock list. You’ll have access to these when you become a finance qualified member.

Searching for your ideal property is made simple through our online member’s area, Memberlink. All Property Profiles and support services are at your fingertips and we can monitor every detail of the purchase process to be sure it runs smoothly. More about Memberlink

Every Property Club member has their own Property Mentor – an experienced Club investor who knows exactly what you’re going through. They help you assess each property, its cash flows and can assist you in your selection. Learn more about Property Mentors

Find out about upcoming areas, what’s driving the economy, growth prospects and the building developments the Club has endorsed. Through webinars or state-based seminars you can ask our Property Researchers questions on the spot. You can also join us on a bus tour of properties from time to time. Click here for details of events near you

Build a property portfolio to create wealth

The average Aussie property investor buys only one rental property. Property Club Members know how to multiply their portfolio to ensure their wealth growths more quickly, and more importantly they know the strategies to manage them properly.

Buy multiple properties:

Buying your first investment property is just the first step to wealth. You’ll hear the full story on how and why to build a property portfolio, when you attend an Information Workshop. Download a list of workshop locations

Why Property Club members love property:

With over 18,000 properties purchased by members over the past twenty plus years, we’ve thousands of happy investors. Read some of their success stories here

Property Millionaires:

As more and more members built their property wealth to exceed $1million, Property Club established an advanced group called the Property Millionaires Club (PMC). With well nearly 5000 members, it’s proof that our strategies work! Want to find out more about what Property Millionaires Club members enjoy?

Manage your
properties well

Once you’ve bought an investment property, it’s important to look after it. Property Club supports members with a full range of property services and advice.

Keeping your property rented to quality tenants is as important to us as it is to you. Working alongside approved rental agents, our Club National Leasing services will help get your Club property leased quickly – even years after you’ve purchased it. More on Club Leasing

As a Managing Agent in their own right, Best Property 4U takes special care of Property Club members, knowing that good management of your investment property is vital.

As an extra level of defence, Property Club has an Inspections Department to conduct “quality control” checks on brand new properties purchased by our members. Their mission is to identify builder defects to ensure they are fixed prior to settlement, so that your property is ready for tenants from day one. Find out more about Inspections

Protecting your assets is an important component in safeguarding your wealth. We recommend investors revise their property insurances and personal insurances to make sure they’re covered for all possibilities. As a Property Club member you can take advantage of the Property Club Insurance Package.

If you own a property that is strata-titled, such as units or townhouses, you will automatically belong to a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation. Many investors do not fully understand how their Body Corporate works, or the benefits offered by them. Find out more here

Surround yourself with supportive people who know how to get the most out of your property investment experience … click find your Branches support team

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