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Membership of Property Club is free – and so are most of the services we provide to members who invest through the Club.

It’s a very successful way to learn and build your wealth through property investing. Our business model is quite unique, since we believe in helping everyone on an equal footing. Find out more about how we provide free service.

As soon as you join Property Club you’ll have access to a full range of member benefits.

Circle of Safety

Education –the best way to start

To begin your investing journey, the best place to start is to gain the right knowledge. Property Club provides members with a wide range of methods to learn.
Straight away you will receive:

  • Property Investors Magazine – packed with tips and real-life investor success stories every two months
  • Contact with your own Property Mentor – an experience Club investor to help you each step of the way
  • Invitations to free Information Workshops, webinars and social events – for up-to-date information on the property market and trends
  • Access to our member website, Memberlink, to find information on upcoming events and investment properties
  • Insights by Kevin Young – our Property Club Founder shares his predictions and analysis of current issues that impact investors
  • Highlights – weekly reviews of market trends, highlighting the latest statistics and news from one of our experienced Branch Managers
  • Ask Kevin Young – tap into the vast experience of Australia’s Most Successful Property Investor – the Founder and Director of Property Club, Kevin Young. Sign up to receive his weekly video tips or visit his website at
Information and Resources

as you continue your investment journey

You could pay thousands of dollars for property investment courses and seminars.
As a Property Club member you have access to a full range of educational events for free!

Even our State Conferences and Property Expos are heavily subsided so members can get the best information without even blinking at the cost. To find out about the latest events being held around Australia click here.

Our signature event is our Property Club National Conference. Thanks to our Sponsors we can offer this three-day information-packed event each year for well under the cost you’d pay anywhere else.

Social Events are common around the States where members get together with other Property Investors in an informal setting. Talk with your Property Mentor or Branch Manager to tap into these events or visit your Branch’s webpage.

As well as live events, we’ve copious amounts of resources on tap for members. There’s too many to mention them all, but you’ll find a sample under our Circle of Safety page.

Click here for more information on Club Events

Property Research & Support Services

Researching good properties is a time-consuming task. As a member of Property Club, all this is done for your – for free!

Property Club has around 30 Researchers whose task is to analyse the best locations and seek out quality property investments within them. We’ve often found undervalued areas long before they become known as “hot spots”.

Club Research obtains all the information you need to make an informed assessment of the investment properties that are right for you.

Quality Control Inspections are provided free to members upon completion of newly constructed properties.

Leasing Support helps you find tenants quickly, whenever your Club property becomes vacant.

Property Guides are experienced investors who will accompany you to inspect your investment property and provide you additional insights into the area and the property.

Find out more about Property Research or Club Leasing

Finance Knowledge
and Support

“You don’t need to be rich to invest,
but you need to invest to get rich”

In most cases you’ll need borrow funds to develop your property portfolio. Obtaining the right property finance is just as important as finding the right property.

Through a network of accredited and Club approved Finance Brokers, Property Club shows you how to borrow safely, and more importantly, how to manage your finance and cash flows– it’s a free service.

You can quickly find out your ability to borrow for property investing, as well as identify savings on your current loans. Just complete a free Financial Wealth Check online or with the help of your Property Mentor.

Established and licenced Finance Brokers are accredited with Property Loans 4U. They understand the Club’s property investing strategies and can source the finance options that best suit you.

Your Property Mentor has Club software tools that help you identify the holding costs on Club selected properties, enabling you to budget for your investments.

Keep a watch on the current lending policies and interest rate forecasts through regular emails from our most senior property market analyst – Kevin Young himself.

Set your own Financial Independence Date using our specially developed FIDO software. This unique program helps you plan ahead for retirement and identify the property purchases you’d need to give you a better retirement lifestyle – and it’s free.

Protect yourself and your investments with the right kind of insurance. We have recommended suppliers for Landlord Insurance for the best protection of our members.

we suggest a number of strategies to help you manage your cash flows on your property portfolio. Your Property Mentor will provide this information, free of charge, when you are ready to invest.

Find out more about Property Finance

These are just a sample of our free Member Services. Join Property Club now to discover the rest.
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