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    Property Club provides a full range of support services to help you avoid the traps in property investing. There is no need to do expensive property investment courses when you have real property investment experience available through our community. We have been outstanding in the property industry for over 26 years and know and love property. Let us help you avoid the nasty traps that often trip up unwary or new investors.

    As a Property Club member, you’ll have ongoing access to:

    • A dedicated Property Mentor to help you with property investing.
    • Loan and financial assistance through an approved network of brokers.
    • Extensive research on locations and developments
    • Networking with other investors with different levels of experience.
    • Record-keeping software to manage your property portfolio.
    • Software and tools to help you with cash flow.
    • State, local, and national education events, and webinars to help you with property education.

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    When you join Property Club you’ll have ongoing support from your own experienced Property Mentor. They’ll guide you through each step in the process, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

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    How To Invest Safely

    Buying a rental property might seem easy, but it takes knowledge and experience to weed out the dud properties that can turn into rental nightmares. Property Club shows you how to invest safely.

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    Membership of Property Club is free – and so are most of the services we provide to members who invest through the Club. As soon as you join Property Club you’ll have access to a full range of member benefits.

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