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Do You Want Your Tax Back?


By Kevin Young, Club Founder

Sometimes earning money can feel like a never-ending cycle of earning, saving and spending
with tax time just a thing you have to do every year. That’s why for 25 years, we have been
providing our members with tax and deduction tips to assist them with the best possible tax

How do we do it?

Well, its not easy and it does take time but we use a systematic approach to ensure that we
legally maximise all deductions but you only have two weeks left for the 2019 fiscal year. Whilst
time may be running out, we can still take the steps required to maximise your returns and
remember that we do this free of charge.

How do you do it?

Most people know that owning an investment property will help them to pay less tax but not many
people understand how it all works and unfortunately, many Australians miss a big opportunity
each year in reducing their yearly tax.

So why are investment properties so great for reducing tax? Well, they come with a range of tax
benefits while also having the potential to earn rental income in the future.

The Australian property market is relatively stable. Sure, there are fluctuations in price and
demand but the fact remains that everyone needs to have a roof over their heads and that simple
fact could very well be the key to claiming thousands of your tax dollars back!

Recently in Melbourne, we spoke with one member and he explained how he went through the
process with us many years ago and legally claimed back $11,000 that he paid in tax. If you have

been to our socials or workshops you would have met people that have benefited from our
service – check out a few of our tax-saving testimonials.
It is an unfortunate reality for many Australians that they arrive at pension age unprepared, don’t
let this be you. If you want to achieve financial freedom through property, join more than 20,000
Australian investors who have invested in property the right way!

Talk to us today for a free consultation! If you would like to see if we can help you too, simply,
email your details to before it’s too late.

Regards, KY