If you’re looking to buy a property but unsure where to start or maybe you own an investment property but unsure how to scale up, the Property & Lifestyle workshop is for you.

Join our workshops being held all over Australia and you will learn about;

  • Where is the best place to buy?
  • When should I buy?
  • What’s happening with interest rates?
  • How much does it really cost to hold an investment property?
  • How can I maximise my tax benefits
  • Do I need to conduct a building and pest inspection?
  • Learn about 7 hidden property investment costs.
  • Key indicators driving the economy and the property markets around Australia
  • The simple actions YOU can take to build your own quality property investment portfolio.
  • And much MORE!

Have all of your questions answered by experienced Property experts.

Fund The Lifestyle You Want
  •  Kevin Young

    Kevin Young

    Property Club Founder and Australia’s Most Successful Property Investor. Owner of almost 200 investment properties. Founded the Club’s own charity, Club Cares, with over $2.1m raised and meeting all administrative costs from his own personal funds.

  •  Jake Sewell

    Jake Sewell

    Property Club Young Investors Club President. YIC Presidents Jake and Nikki Sewell bring a wealth of property investment experience and have an exciting program for our younger Club Members.

  •  Troy Gunasekera

    Troy Gunasekera

    Property Club National Manager and Branch Manager. Working with and responsible for over 200 Property Mentor specialists around Australia. Helping club members safely and securely purchase quality residential property.


    Clifford Bennett

    World renowned International Economist. Ranked “World’s Most Accurate Currency Forecaster” in a Bloomberg News survey of the world’s top 72 investment banks and think tanks. He shares his insights, and picks the trends. Always insightful, controversial and rewarding.

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Meet Property Club investors who are living proof that Kevin’s strategies work. With over 5000 members now in our Property Millionaires Club, you’ll get the chance to meet and talk with some of them.

  • “The Property Club is only thing / group / team I have found in last 12 years that actually has a plan for retirement.”

    Tony Reeves, Qld

  • “To mix and mingle with like minded investors, sharing stories and picking up hints and tips on how to manage your portfolio is priceless.”

    Peter Taggart, NSW

  • “A person would be mad not be become a member of the Property Club. There is nothing but pluses coming out of this Club – thanks to two fabulous founders…. Kevin and Kathy.”

    Rosalie Denker, WA

  • “Attending a Property Club Conference, Seminar, Webinar or Workshop is invaluable to you if you are interested in investing in Residential Property.  Kevin Young and his team are the experts. Stand on their shoulders and learn all there is to learn. You can’t afford not to be a Member.”

    Kel Stewart, NSW

  • “The thing I love most about the club is everyone shares their knowledge, there are no secrets. I love it. Keep it up Property Club and thanks Kevin & Kathy. Your club has helped us onto a wonderful new path in our lives, that we probably would have never taken without your guidance.”

    Kylie & Roger McMinn, Vic

  • “Property Club events are a wonderful opportunity to cement knowledge of property investing and to talk to the people who know the properties inside and out. It is also a chance to deepen friendships.”

    Tamara Kerlander, NSW

Who Is

Kevin Young?

We’re glad you asked… here are Kevin’s credentials:Kevin Young

  • One of Australia’s youngest self-made millionaires by age 27
  • Bought and sold over 644 investment properties
  • Discovered the secret to gaining multiple properties
  • Currently owns almost 200 investment properties
  • Legally stopped paying income tax by 1971
  • Retired in 1974 proving the KY Retirement Plan
  • Contributes to the Australian economy through building jobs and subsidised rental accommodation
  • Co-founded The Investors Club with his wife Kathy in 1994 (now Property Club)
  • Over 100 Club members owned 4 or more properties by end of 2003
  • Established the Property Millionaires Club in 2004
  • Club Cares Charity established in 2007 -all overheads funded by Kevin and Kathy
  • In 2012 invested $1million into The Young Centre in Brisbane to assist Brisbane’s homeless youth in partnership with The Red Cross
  • Sold over 20,000 copies of his book “Property, Prosper, Retire”
  • Welcomed 5,000th member into the Property Millionaires Club in March 2016
  • Kevin’s goal is to help create 90,000 millionaires
  • Australia’s first TV series property expert with Channel 10 in 1997
  • To date, Kevin & Kathy have donated over $2.1 million to charity
Kevin will not show you how to get rich quick!
He will show you how to build wealth safely.

Success Stories
  • “For many years now, the Przial Branch in NSW have worked with many nurses, assisting them with investment choices and information to help the investing process run more smoothly.

    A nurse’s time is often limited, and while looking after others, they often neglect their own financial future.”

    Deb & Kevin Morgan
  • “We can only compliment Property Club, our property mentor Roger Galway, our solicitor Smart Legal and our Property Loans mortgage broker…”

    Di & Mick Coleman
  • “Bronwen and I would just like to say a huge Thank You to Property Club for the work that you and your team did in presenting the 2013 National Conference. As we may have told you, it was the first national one we have been to but definitely won’t be the last…”

    Bronwen & Michael Roberts
  • “We share the good news the Club has done for us with our friends whenever we can and encourage everyone to invest in property so you prosper more, and retire early.”

    Sam & Cheer Heywood