Kevin Young
Who Is Kevin Young?

Kevin Young’s story is not your typical rags to riches story, although he does admit that growing up poor was a powerful motivator for success. His investment journey spans more than 50 years, having tried and tested every possible strategy imaginable.

Success at an early age did not prevent Kevin from making mistakes, but he now confesses that he’s pretty much worked out all the pitfalls in property investing.

Kevin and his wife, Kathy, are now consistently ranked in Queensland’s top 100 Rich List with a portfolio of investment properties approaching 200. Kevin can rightly claim the title of Australia’s largest individual residential property owner.

His ambition is to help everyday people avoid a life of poverty on the pension. By helping them create ongoing wealth through property investment, he is a strong believer in the old maxim: give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime.

With this philosophy firmly entrenched, Kevin Young is a pioneer for property investors, a crusader for every Aussie taxpayer to get ahead by using the banks and the tax laws to their advantage.

From The Investors Club
to Property Club

Kevin collated his wisdom (borne from his own mistakes and successes) to develop a sound system for building wealth that was easily reachable, yet easily teachable.

Initially, his aim was to help family and friends, but he and Kathy formalised his philosophies by founding The Investors Club in 1994.

Kevin’s goal is to help 90,000 ordinary Australians become millionaires using his experience and the free services provided through Property Club. “That’s the number of millionaires in Australia in 1994 when we started the Club. My goal is to double it,” he often states.


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The Book
Follow multi-millionaire, Kevin Young on his journey from poverty to prosperity in his best-selling book, Property Prosper Retire – now in its second edition.

No other property investing or self-help book in Australia has inspired as many people to take the steps to become wealthy through property as this book has.

Kevin’s down-to-earth approach is what endears him to so many average Australians who want to make more of their life. In Property Prosper Retire, Kevin is an “open book” – sharing his successes as well as the mistakes that would have crushed the average investor.

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