How is Australia going in comparison to the rest of the world?

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We at Property Club endorse (and are using ourselves) the Australian Government’s direction to download and use the:

A great initiative that will help Australia continue to defeat this pandemic in our Country!

How well is Australia going compared to other countries – have a look at this chart:

Australia is doing pretty well!

However, let’s put that into perspective and look at the US, Germany, and the UK added:

We know where we’d rather be!

The Domain group released their House Price Report for the March quarter (Quarter on Quarter change), and it showed some interesting information:


Dr Nicola Powell (from Domain Group) looked at the three main elements that will support prices through these uncertain times and clarified they are:

  1. Wage subsidies

  2. The option to pause your mortgage and

  3. Historically low-interest rates

Dr Powell concluded the current situation is a “controlled shutdown”.

“Once that shutdown is over, things should bounce back pretty quickly,” she said.

All positive and real facts!

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Troy Gunasekera

National Manager