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The ABC 7.30 Report as well as the ABC National News both made reports wrongly confusing the Investors Club with another completely unrelated company that was served with a court document that they had falsified loan documents.

No such allegation has ever been made against the Investors Club or Property Club, yet the ABC still after 2 years and 7 months refuse to pull the item down and even worse, refuse to name the defendant that had to go to Court on the allegation of the falsification of loan documents.

The ABC need to do the right thing by the Club and remove the story.

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  • “The media don’t work with facts these days. Print whatever will make for a good, sensationalised story.” – Jonathon P.

  • “The ABC are supposed to be reputable and credible, they are not “today tonight”. If it’s wrong and detrimental to a business that helps the average Australia … FIX IT!” – Colin V.

  • “I have been dealing with the Property Club for a number of years and I found that they work hard for their members interests and with full integrity.” – Mark M.

  • “The property club has been offering information and good advice for many years and they should not be the target of smear campaigns due to fake news.” – Hakan W.

  • “I have experience with the Club and it has always been 100% above board. I believe this to be a fake story by the ABC, particularly if they cant name their source after 2 years!” – Julia C.

  • “My dealings with the Property Club have been excellent and it is disgraceful that blatantly wrong information is left out there and not corrected.” – Rolf F.

  • “I’m sick of ABC lies, on this and so many other issues. Poor Journalism and Political Advocacy are entirely inappropriate from our Taxpayer funded broadcaster.” – Tim W.

  • “The Property Club is a fantastic Club working hard for its members.” – Gayleen M.

  • “I object to false information being promoted by media for their own benefit and exposure.” – Bryce K.

  • “I have found the Property Club to be honest and open with all discussions and the ABC should also be the same by withdrawing their false accusations about the club.” – Peter P.

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Kevin Young
Founder and Chairman of your Club