Club Cares

What Do We Do?

Club Cares Incorporated is a registered charity set up by Property Club to fund worthwhile projects locally, nationally and internationally. Overseen by a board of trustees, Club Cares Incorporated has recently joined forces with the Red Cross to become a major sponsor of one of their larger projects based in Brisbane.

Through tax deductible donations from the public and corporate partner members’ donations, Club Cares Incorporated is able to maximise investments that will create a reliable and constant income stream.

Club Cares Incorporated goal is to assist recipients by immediately improving their quality of life. In addition our longer term goal is to work with recipients to help them better manage their own financial affairs for their future, enabling them to become self-sufficient.

Club Cares Incorporated has no overheads meaning that every dollar raised and donated goes directly to those in need. Property Club pays all wages and salaries.