Your 2019 Property Goals!

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As we start back into work mode and cancel our gym memberships which lasted all of two weeks, it’s important to keep focused on those other important New Years Resolutions we made.

I see 2019 as a great time to be a property investor as many opportunities will present themselves. To quote Warren Buffett “Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble”.

As you know when market sentiment is down that is when I get excited! We are seeing the negative stories all the time about market’s crashing and oversupply. Just remember where the majority of the journalists and media live – Sydney and Melbourne! True, we have seen a correction in both markets purely by the intervention of APRA, but I think we have just about seen the bottoming out here (maybe another 2% in Sydney, Melbourne No – strong population growth has me confident).

So let us take those two cities out of it for a second, we still have 15 million Australians living in locations where the outlook is predominately a good one.

RBA Governor Philip Lowe (who is the best we have had for years – Kevin’s current man crush) highlighted just recently how well the Australian economy has been performing in recent times:

  • Stable inflation of around 2%
  • Strong employment
  • Improved government finances
  • Lots of investment in infrastructure
  • Close to 3.5% growth in the Australian economy

Couple with that population growth of over 300,000 this year with many areas under-supplied for dwellings, 2019 is looking the goods (if you know what you are doing).

But I think the market sentiment won’t stay low for long. With Labours proposed tax changes, I think the heard will wake up and realise there will be a rush for new housing by election time (Not sure why? Register for this webinar).

So if your Property Goals hanging on your fridge for 2019 were to ‘Start investing in Property’, ‘Add to my property portfolio’ or even ‘Buy my own home’, this really is a great year to do it…….provided you do it right!

So, if you have a property goal for 2019 make sure you give us a call! Feel free to leave your details below with a time to call and let’s help get things moving for you and ticking off that goals list. (Can’t help with the gym membership though sorry, maybe next year!)

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